Iconic Sires and Breeding Services offers South African stallion and mare owners a wealth of international experience in the equine breeding.


Iconic Sires_White_Horse OnlyWelcome to Iconic Sires and Breeding Services

The aim of Iconic Sires is to showcase the stallion. There are no guarantees in breeding horses, but whether you decide to use a locally bred stallion or imported frozen semen, choosing the right stallion for your mare plays an important part in determining the final product.

On this website you will find a wide selection of stallions to choose from, from World Champions to the rising stars.

Please use either the search tool below or select “Stallions” from the menu above to find your perfect sire.
We also offer some other services:

AI Equipment Sales: We import breeding products of the highest quality. Please take a look at what we can offer for your breeding needs, or contact us if there is something specific you require, as we have the contacts to source most items.
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Breeding Services: We have the facilities to store frozen semen. If you have frozen semen from your stallion or have imported semen, we can safely store and distribute it for you.
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Stallion Advertising: Enquiries often come in regarding advertising of local stallions on this website, so Iconic Sires now offers an advertising option. Our rates are very competitive compared to conventional forms of advertising.
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