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AI Equipment Sales

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We are proud to be able to supply Minitube reproductive equipment and products to South African vets and breeders at competitive prices for both equine and other species.
Products range from AI pipettes and semen extenders, to embryo transfer supplies and laboratory equipment.
Minitube International is a biotechnology company specialising in advanced reproduction technologies and molecular biology. With a complete line of assisted reproduction products and services, Minitube proudly serves clients worldwide in agricultural, sport and companion animal breeder, veterinary, medical and research communities. As an industry leader, Minitube recognizes the importance of providing products that to not compromise quality or safety.


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Below are links to the Minitube Equine catalogue, as well as our price list. If there is anything you can’t find please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.
Minitube Equine Repro Products Catalogue  
Pricelist for Minitube Products  

Other Products

We are also able to source other products and ranges for equine breeding as well as other species, so please contact us if there is anything specific you require.