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Odermus R

Champion of the KWPN performance test. A blood type stallion, with super looks.


Odermus R was champion of the KWPN performance test in 1999. This top all-around horse scored very high in both the jumping and dressage sections of the test.

In competition Odermus went well up to 1.45m in international competition, before a cracked heel forced his retirement.


Odermus R is the successful outcome of targeted line-breeding to the stallions Ramzes xx (5 x), Cottage Son xx (5 x), Cor de la Bryère (3 x), Anblick xx (4 x), and Loretto (5 x). The genes of these top performance and blood sires are firmly established in Odermus R’s pedigree and supported by the Dermie line, which has produced horses such as Mermus R (uterine brother), Tolan R (uterine brother), La Belle de Jour, Zandigo, F Termie, Jean, Matsuru’s Joker, Arnoldo Thor, and Toys R Us.

Odermus R’s sire is the proven breeding stallion Calido I, who passed on his performance genes to international jumpers such as Acapulco, Calli, and Scotch. Calido I’s granddam is Kollet, who produced Little Rock. The stallion Ukato is also from this line. Calido I has spent more than a decade in the world top 100 jumping sires ranking.

Dam-sire Ramiro was one of the greats of modern sport horse breeding.

Breed: KWPN
Height: 16.3hh
Colour: Grey
Year Born: 1996
Country of Origin: Netherlands
Resident in South Africa: No
Semen Available: Frozen
Stud Fee: €450.00 per dose
Contact: Iconic Sires
Telephone: 071 566 7305

Calido I (Holst)
Cantus (Holst)
Baroness (VII)
Caletto I (Holst)
Monoline (Holst)
Coriander (Holst)
Kollet (Holst)
Dwermie (KWPN)
Ramiro Z (Holst)
Wermie (KWPN)
Raimond (Holst)
Valine H (Holst)
Joost (Holst)
Termie (KWPN)


Odermus R has numerous international offspring, including the Berlin-Brandenburg Champion stallion, Olympic Fire, who met high expectations, excelling at the performance test in Neustadt-Dosse. This son of Odermus R was awarded with 8,77 for his jumping ability.

Other successful offspring include the talented Udermus and Uptown Boy.

In 2001, Odermus R received a very good foal report. This stallion improves the conformation of his offspring, passing on a good forehand and uphill conformation. Odermus R also passes on size while maintaining type and blood. His offspring move with an elevated forehand and collect very well.

Young Odermus R offspring jump exceptionally well and with their withers up, always clearing the rails with room to spare. Furthermore, several Odermus R offspring have completed the EPTM test with very good scores. (KWPN report)

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